Medical VR Simulation

The project goal was to develop a VR-based medical training tool. We also had to: Offer Mobile VR Support 3D Stereo 360 video Make employee training cost-effective and increase its effectiveness. Simulation of the typical work environment for starting-out medical professionals. Simulation of operating professional medical equipment. Minimizes training costs due to trainer-less guidance and lowers the learning curve. Simulation of rare emergencies, accidents with multiple casualties, or disease outbreaks. Allows medical experts to develop automatic response behavior to low-frequency situations. Simulation of an operating room environment. Helps surgeons gain practical skills and raise competence levels in a safe environment.

Scope of Work

Medical VR Simulation was designed for a Learning Management company based in Canada. They sought our services to avail of simulation development for medical services and rare emergencies to train medical employees. The application had the following challenges:


  • Designing realistic 3D models for the simulation environment.
  • Integrating Oculus VR support for the application.
  • Each simulation was designed from scratch as per the requirements of the client.
  • Creating and upgrading applications Oculus VR devices.

Our Solution

Our team of Unity developers analyzed the client’s requirements. As per the clients’ requirements, we designed the complete simulation of PPE Kit use and Fire Safety Simulation for Oculus VR devices. The team used a technology stack consisting of Unity C# Framework, Oculus VR SDK, 3DS Maya to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables:


  • Oculus VR Application

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