Hyperledger Fabric POC

It was an auctioning platform for bulk auctioning with end to end auctioning, payment system, and refund provision with the handling of multiple time zones functionality and transaction storage on the Hyperledger Fabric ledger

Scope of Work

The client asked that users must get a wallet associated with their account. Sellers must be able to create an offer, update the existing, access all created offers, and check wallet balance. Buyers should see active offers, make a purchase, and view all the purchases made and the wallet balance


  • Update the status of an offer and execute it when it’s time
  • Generate a refund automatically to buyers in case an offer gets rejected
  • Manage offer start time, end time, and users 
  • Manage buyers and sellers time-related data as per their local timezone

Our Solution

We developed the platform for the auction broker with Hyperledger Fabric, using which sellers and buyers can register themselves. We provided the following functionalities to fulfill the requirements 


  • Stored all transactions in UTC in server DB
  •  Enabled GET APIs to take "zone id" containing time information as input 
  • Automated modification of data as per a client's local time zone. 
  • Created schedulers that run every two minutes and monitor the status of the offer 


Keyword- Hyperledger, Wallet, Fintech

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