Veto is an app through which users can provide their opinion on various topics related to National, International, and Political interests. It is available on iOS and Android platforms.  Along with user opinions on poll, this app also provides support for social functionalities i.e like, comment, and share the polls.

Scope of Work

Mobile Applications:

In this application users can provide their opinion on the topics that matter to them.

Features of the mobile apps are as below:

  • Opinion on Polls
  • Like/Comments on Polls
  • Poll Analytics
  • Election Analytics (Upcoming feature)[Graph and Tabular views]
  • Share poll (With Image and Dynamic link)
  • Search Polls using Trending tags
  • Get more similar Polls using hashtags
  • Poll Notifications (General Notifications[New Poll,Custom], Subscribed Poll )
  • Check Polls of other countries (By switching Poll country)
  • Report Poll and Report User


Admin Panel

Using the Admin panel, the admin can create different users with different admin roles who can perform various duties like adding new polls, verifying the poll, adding new hashtags, binding polls with trending tags and more.

Few of the features of the admin panel are as below:

  • Create Users
  • Assign roles and permission to users
  • Adding new Hashtags
  • Creating the Polls (International, National, Election)
  • Adding translations for the polls
  • Adding poll media
  • Setting the Trending tags
  • Check reported polls and users
  • Take action on reported polls and users


Our Solution

Our team provided the solutions by creating custom attributes which fulfilled the requirements of the client.

Technology Used:

  • Python - Flask
  • Angular 8 - HTML, CSS, Typescript
  • Android - Java
  • iOS - Swift
  • MySQL


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