TimeForge Cross platform app to monitor employee scheduling

Website URL : http://app.placeforge.com/

TimeForge Mobile app was developed for iOS , Android and Windows mobile platforms to monitor employee scheduling and attendance , time off requests , open shift swaps etc. A Labor management software that provides you with the power and flexibility you need to get done, and get home! Our software includes employee scheduling, time punches, human resources, and a daily log. TimeForge interfaces to many common retail and restaurant point of sale software. Labor management software has never been easier.TimeForge labor management software is designed to keep employees "in the loop", and managers on the floor. This includes restaurant scheduling software, fingerprint time clocks for grocery stores, and sales forecasting for retail and restaurant businesses.Timeforge is one of the best employee scheduling software available till date and to put it simply,TimeForge is awesome! Roughly 8 years ago, the TimeForge product began life with the vision of a simple, user-friendly, online employee scheduling software for the retail and restaurant industries. It didn’t take us long to figure out that every business manager and owner has a different idea of how a “simple” employee schedule software must help their business. Labor scheduling requirements are vastly different for different industries and locations. However, all business owners have something in common. They all want to save both time and money. At Oodles Technologies, we performed Attendance management, Scheduling, Payroll system, Cost management, SSO, POS Integration

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