Webydo is an innovative platform that offers designers a complete website builder and content management system (CMS) without the need for coding. With Webydo, designers can visually create stunning white-label websites for their clients, providing them with a seamless and hassle-free website-building experience. The platform empowers designers to unleash their creativity and deliver professional websites with ease, allowing them to focus on design and user experience without worrying about the technical aspects of coding. Webydo revolutionizes the web design process, making it accessible and efficient for designers to create visually appealing websites for their clients.

Scope of Work

Our goal for the Webydo project was to manage and maintain the infrastructure and deployment process for the web development platform. This involved overseeing a robust architecture consisting of a Windows server hosting .NET services such as the dashboard, portal, and studio, as well as two HA Proxy servers and media servers running on Linux within the GCP Cloud. Additionally, we leveraged cloud services like Cloudflare for DNS management and Workers, as well as Firebase for handling a large pool of data. Our expertise contributed to the efficient functioning of the platform and ensured a seamless experience for users.

Our Solution

By employing the finest technologies and services, we optimized the infrastructure, streamlined deployment processes, and enhanced the overall performance and user experience of the Webydo web development platform. Our solution for the Webydo project involves providing the following services and technologies to effectively manage and maintain the infrastructure and deployment process:

  • Utilized Amazon Cloud services such as ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) for load balancing, Route 53 for DNS management, CloudWatch for monitoring, and RDS (Relational Database Service) for database management.
  • Implemented AWS Lambda, a serverless computing service, to automate deployment tasks.
  • Provided dedicated support to developers, assisting them in resolving any issues related to the platform and offering guidance during the deployment process.
  • Leveraged Cloudflare for DNS management and Workers to enhance the performance and security of the platform. 
  • Utilized Firebase, a scalable backend platform, to handle a large pool of data efficiently.

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