POC: Duphub - Virtual Dressing Platform

Website URL : https://duphub.com/index.html#

This application is being developed for a client based in Germany and aims to act as a virtual solution that will offer the users the experience of trying on different glasses with visual photorealistic feedback from which the user can decide as to how the glasses look on their face and which pair of glasses to buy. The duphub system employs a centralized database system that provides data integrity across all platforms in the duphub system. The website solution amplifies user creation and enables users to make changes to their personal profile as well as up-and download externally created 3D Avatars. Whereas the Android & iOS, applications will provide a complete experience granting the user the ability to experience a virtual try-on. The application development also covers the web and app system around it. We can increase the number of try-on in the application to keep it updated with the store.

Scope of Work

The Duphub System sets out to:

Facial Part

  • Over perform any currently existing try-on Solution as i.e.: zennioptical.com/tryon, eyeconic.com/, warbyparker.com/home-try-on, clearly.ca, and their apps. 
  • Include 3D models of the glasses from the source store and put them together in one application.
  • Provide a streamlined pipeline for the stores to upload their new articles from a Backend CMS for the customers to use.
  • Give a full 180° view of the glasses and the avatar model.
  • Provide an option to the user to decide which try-on to choose from 1. Live face mask view, 2. 180° photo with rotation 3. 3D Avatar with endless possibilities of try-on
  • Create an App or use an uploaded 3D Avatar of a user’s face with the ability to put accessories on the face such as headphones, etc. while keeping the option to modify them over time.
  • Put all the glasses & accessories in an indexed form with their proper names and prices.
  • The users will be able to reposition the glasses manually in case that the recognition is not according to the user’s desire. i.e. move the glasses on the nose up and down.
  • Provide a simple UI to try-on different glasses making it easier to browse for a wide range of products, brands & styles.
  • Mention the price of the glasses and redirect the users to the product page of the selected item.
  • The in-app preview of all preview options will be photorealistic including refraction, reflection, and shading. The application will reflect the real-world scenarios i.e. lens flare, refraction for a high prescription lens.
  • The App will create individual glass lenses based on the unique prescription values of each user's profile and insert these lenses into the frames automatically.

Full Body Part

  • Create a full-body 3D avatar of the user using photogrammetry and body scanners outside the application, as well as within the app for iPhone and other smartphones that have the compatible hardware and the computing power to support the duphub system. 
  • The created avatar must have millimeter precision for the full-body try-on feature.
  • The measured 3D avatar will act as a base model for the user to try on different outfits from all the duphub associates.
  • Provide a simple UI to try-on different sizes & styles of outfits.
  • The application will be linked to the store’s e-commerce to purchase the outfits directly post trying them using duphub.

Our Solution

Our team of Unity developers analyzed the client’s requirements and chalked out an architectural design of the application. As per the clients’ requirements, we employed several custom solutions for face and body dressing into the application. The team used a technology stack consisting of Unity 2020.1.17f1, C# 8.0, Microsoft Visual Studio, Google Ar Core SDK, Apple ARKit SDK, Android Studio 3.4 (Kotlin), and Xcode 11.3 (Swift) to overcome our client’s challenges with the following deliverables:



  • Android complete Dressing App
  • iOS complete Dressing App.
  • Web complete Dressing App.

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