The client dup-hub, based in Germany, envisions a virtual solution that revolutionizes the eyeglass shopping experience. This application, known as the "dup-hub" system, offers users the opportunity to virtually try on various glasses, providing photorealistic feedback to help them choose the perfect pair. This comprehensive development project encompasses both web and app systems, with the flexibility to continually expand the range of glasses available for virtual try-ons.

Scope of Work

The Duphub System project is ambitiously designed to set new standards in the realm of virtual try-on solutions. Our goals are comprehensive and include the creation of a superior platform that outperforms existing solutions, offering a streamlined pipeline for stores to upload new products seamlessly. We aim to provide users with a 180° view of glasses and the avatar model, enabling them to choose from various try-on options, including a live face mask view, 180° photo rotation, and 3D avatars. 

Our Solution

Our solution for the Duphub System project encompasses a comprehensive virtual try-on platform with a range of innovative features:

  • Superior Try-On experience that offers a 180° view of glasses and avatar models, allowing users to choose from various try-on options.
  • Multi-view try-on options, enhance the immersive experience.
  • Avatar customization by adding accessories such as headphones and adjusting the position of glasses to their liking.
  • Efficient product showcase, enabling users to browse a wide range of products, brands, and styles with ease.
  • Prescription lens support is based on each user's unique prescription values, automatically fitting them into the selected frames.
  • Full-body avatar with millimeter precision, enabling users to try on different outfits.
  • Outfit Try-on, with seamless integration with store e-commerce for direct purchases.

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