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Wind is an intuitive TV and mobile application that allows users to buy. It helps to see the products on the mobile as well as the TV screens while enabling users to make better purchase decisions. The client wanted to build applications for both Android OS and Smart TV.  

Scope of Work

We developed TV and mobile app, enabling users to see major purchases by using the biggest multi-device screens. It allows users to interact with salesmen and brokers on the TV screen and see dream houses or preferred cars in a bigger and better way. Users can also speak to them on the mobile while they show the products on TV. This app can also be used to help relatives and family members make better choices while you sit at home, see them on TV and guide them while they shop.


Our Solution

We have used node as backend and JITSI as a media server for webRTC technology. We have built these 2 apps for mobile and TV targeting Android OS and used native android app development framework. 


Technologies used: Node, Android Native, JITSI


  • JITSI SDK implementation in ANdroid Mobile and TV apps.
  • JITSI SDK customization in react Native.
  • Video call handling
  • Mobile and TV app sync

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