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Scope of Work

Our goal for the Celeix Digital project was to develop a proof-of-concept (POC) utilizing zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. The objective was to create a ZK solution for secure data querying, where specific data templates can be accessed without revealing any underlying data. The primary objectives were to design and develop a ZK-based solution for secure data querying, enable data access without disclosing underlying information, and showcase the effectiveness and feasibility of the ZK approach in maintaining data privacy.

Our Solution

By leveraging JavaScript, Node.js, and Solidity, we developed a robust ZK-based solution that enables secure data querying while preserving data privacy. Our expertise in these technologies ensured a reliable and efficient implementation, meeting the project's objectives and providing a valuable tool for secure data access. Our solution for the Celeix Digital project involved the following services and technologies:

  • Researched and analyzed existing ZK protocols and technologies suitable for data querying.
  • Designed and implemented a tailored ZK solution using JavaScript, Node.js, and Solidity.
  • Integrated the ZK solution with the existing infrastructure or data management systems.
  • Comprehensively tested and validated the ZK solution to ensure functionality, performance, and security.
  • Completed documentation and knowledge transfer for future reference and maintenance.

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