Project P is a survey application that streamlines the surveyor’s surveys & their responses. It simplifies the process of taking the survey by an application that provides accurate KPI’s & responses and easily assigns surveys/questionnaires to surveyors through the panel.  

Scope of Work

In this app, the surveyor’s surveys & their responses are processed according to clients requirements.

The application provides Accurate KPI’s & responses, the creation of surveyors & easily assignable surveys/questionnaires to surveyors through the panel. 

  • Access to Geo-Location
  • Access to Cam / Gallery / Files
  • Internet / No-Internet
  • Firebase
  • OTP 
  • Notifications.
  • Apk execution (App Update)
  • Downloader

Our Solution

To acheive the results, our team of developers worked to yield the following outcomes:


  • Survey Response Excel Import-export  
  • Implementation of different services
  • Optimized query-ability
  • Optimized page loading speed
  • Different Roles (admin/client/supervisor).
  • Surveys Creation / Deletion
  • Creation of Surveyors manually/ via form/ via excel sheet import
  • Optimized Large Voters Data Sending.



  • Application Update to latest -Feature.
  • Integrated OTP Services.
  • Uploading of Documents Cam / Gallery / files
  • Also Managing Applications of all Data in local Storage & caching.
  • Management of Storing the latest Data in Local Storage.
  • RealTime Data
  • Showing RealTime KPI’s
  • Geo-Location Of survey being held at.
  • Optimized Voters Data Fetching.
  • Notifications to users.
  • Application to work same without Internet.



  • Scaling Server Side.
  • Included RDS
  • AWS Server


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