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Project YZ is a web-based application that offers various management programs. It includes attributes such as Visitor Management System, Workers Management System, Schedule and Planning, Knowledge Management System, projects, household analytics, and Leaders Progress Tracker. The client also wanted to develop an exact copy of the visitor management system.

Scope of Work

The project scope was to make a web-based management application.

1)Visitor Management System module is used for managing the user record of the website visitors and it also classifies the user data by today, this week, and this month basis. It also counts the number of users and also shows the filtered count of records in graph and geo map. The Visitor Management Dashboard and graph are filtered by following below:

1). Filter by purpose

2). Filter by gender

3). Filter by time frame

4). Filter by caste

5). Filter by perceived political inclination

6). Filter by visitor category

7). Filter by whom visitor meet

8). Filter by meeting status

9). Filter by age group

10). Filter by meeting location


2) Schedule and Planning module is used to schedule and manage the events of users on the basis of Visiting users and manage the events timeline locations, Priority, timeframe, meeting purpose, and status of visitor event analytically.


3)Worker Management System module is used to manage if all workers are present in the database, and classifies the worker on the basis of Reserved worker, Active worker, and Average number of workers on each booth and also filters by following below:

1) Filter By Gender

2) Filter By worker trained on Skills

3) Filter By worker Rating and caste

4) Filter By Workers Family history and Party

5) Filter By Other Party Worker and Party worker

6) Filter By worker task status

7) Filter By task type analytics

8) Filter by worker category


4)Knowledge Management System module is used to manage the (KMS) of workers present in the database and classifies by today, this week, this month and filters by following below:

1)Filter (KMS) By Type of Data

2)Filter (KMS) By Place of Upload

3) Filter (KMS) By Party Associated and list view of all workers on the basis of (KMS)


5)Project module holds the all the project of workers and set as a worker target and classifies the target on the basis of today, this week, and This month and filters by following below:

1)Filter Projects By Location Polling Booth

2) Filter Projects By Project Category

3) Filter Projects Bifurcated

4) Filter By Type of Projects

5)Listed all record of Projects


6)Household Analytic module is used to hold total number of voters and classified by total number of surveys done in Household and number of voters mapped after Household and filters by following below:

1)Filter by House Type

2)Filter by Household Category

3)Filter by Voters yearly Income

4)Filter by Voter gender,Caste,Education qualification of Voters, Voters Political Inclination

5)Filter by Voter is Party worker, Voter has a Social Media Account,Voter has a Whats app Account

6)Filter by Voter is living outside,Voter association with Religious group,

7)Filter by Voter Occupation Level,and listed all Voter


7)Leader Progress Tracker module is used to hold total number of target workers and classifies by today, this week, this month and filtered by following below:

1) Filtered by Booth visited,Visit target,visit by purposes,

2) Filter by task completion,impact canvas, visit Category

3) Listed of leaders target

4) List of visit details

8) Also developed whole new web Application which is the copy of visitor management module by the name of UP.


Our Solution

Our team used the MEAN JavaScript application stack. There is a front-end single-page application built using Angular and a backend web server running in Node.js making use of the Express.js web application framework and MongoDB for storing Database.

  • Created a smooth UI of the application.
  • Implemented Authentication security in the application
  • Implemented graph filtration and data manipulation.

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