Fidem is a customer-centric technology solutions provider dedicated to enhancing the customer experience. They specialize in delivering business solutions across the digital, operational, and commercial domains, leveraging technology as the primary enabler. Fidem serves the market by assisting businesses in achieving operational efficiency, digital transformation, and overall excellence in customer engagement. 

Scope of Work

The goal was to empower administrators to efficiently manage real-time order processing, track order shipment statuses, update order statuses, and manage pending payments seamlessly. This module was custom-built to cater to the needs of users in Chile who place orders on the website, and it enables administrators to manage and fulfill these orders according to specific product types and brands. Our objective was to enhance the operational efficiency and customer experience for Fidem's clients, offering a comprehensive solution for order management and fulfillment.

Our Solution

For the FMS redemption module project, our team at Fidem aimed to enhance the customer experience by providing an efficient order management and fulfillment solution. We utilized the following technologies and services to achieve this goal:

  • Created a customized FMS module that allows administrators to manage orders seamlessly, from pending status to order delivered status.
  • Order tracking, ensuring transparency and efficient order processing.
  • Product-Specific Order Management, the system was designed to manage orders according to specific product types and brands, offering tailored solutions for customers.
  • Bulk product upload, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency.
  • Excel file handling, facilitating interactions with shipping carrier companies, and simplifying data management.
  • Technologies Used: PHP, Laravel framework, MySQL, Magento, API

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