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  UAM TV is a robust video streaming application. It was created to fill the void in which hundreds of audiovisual projects are lost every year, which escape the rules of the market and which most of the time would represent starting points for a spiritual and cultural enrichment for each of us. It features a schedule with unpublished Italian and international films and documentaries selected from the most important festivals in the world, scientific, philosophical and medical insights as well as a TG in which we give space to good news.    

Scope of Work

Uam.TV application is available on various platforms (Android, iOS and tvOS) all these applications are identical in nature and created using their native technologies i.e. Android apps are created using Java and iOS/tvOS apps are created using Swift.

The project goal is to develop a Mobile application that:

  •  Users can stream live shows and movies on iPhone , iPad and AppleTV.
  •  Users can maintain the status of the login device in the iPhone/iPad app.
  •  Users can stream series shows by autoplay functionality for all episodes on all platforms.
  • Users can cast the screen(Chrome cast) by Iphone/Ipad app on TV.
  • Users can receive rich push notifications when a new item is added to the list.

Our Solution

We have successfully delivered applications to the client and currently it is available on the mobile platforms.

Our team of  developers met the client requirements. The team used swift, java, Xcode, Android and some libraries to develop this application. Our Team added following functionality:

  • Created a smooth ui of the application.
  • Implemented token security.
  • Implemented shows resume functionality.
  • Implemented chrome cast features.
  • Implemented stream feature by native player.
  • Implemented QR login(Apple TV)
  • Implemented stripe payment.
  • Managed this application for various screen sizes.
  • Implemented rich push notification.


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