dswapper offers a unique platform that fosters a thriving regenerative community marketplace. Its focus is on building trust, respect, and a strong sense of community among our users. With its self-service marketplace tools, swapping becomes a breeze for its members. Whether it's direct sales, direct purchases, or listing items for auction, users can conveniently transact without the need to directly interact with the blockchain. The platform eliminates the requirement for users to have their own wallets, as all blockchain-related operations occur seamlessly in the backend. They provide a user-friendly and secure environment for hassle-free swapping and trading experiences.

Scope of Work

The scope of our work was to develop smart contracts and their corresponding backend APIs that can facilitate seamless interaction between the dswapper application and the blockchain. The client required us to ensure the smooth integration of the backend APIs, responsible for calling the functions of the smart contracts whenever required. This integration can enable the dswapper application to interact with the blockchain effortlessly, providing users with a reliable and efficient platform for their swapping and trading needs. We had to create robust and secure smart contracts, along with well-designed APIs, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

Our Solution

By providing the finest services, we created a user-friendly and efficient platform for the client, enabling seamless and secure swapping and trading experiences within the regenerative community marketplace.

Our solution involved the following services to address the client's needs:

  • Contract Development to handle all minting, roles, direct sales, direct purchase, and auction-related operations.
  • API Integration for smart contract and wallet operations, eliminating the need for direct interaction with the blockchain. 
  • Transaction Signing and Submission eliminate the need for users to hold Matic for transaction fees.
  • Swapper Token for all financial transactions within the platform.
  • Utilized AngularJS for frontend development, blockchain technologies for smart contract integration, and Solidity for contract development.

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