BODY+ is a treatment approach that consists of both the BODY+ website and the BODY+ smartphone application.  The BODY+ is a free self-help program designed to provide treatment designed to reduce overconcern with body image, improve body dissatisfaction and quality of life. Its core components include the BODY+ website and the BODY+ app. The BODY+ website teaches you skills to address unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to body image through six weekly modules. The BODY+ app helps you to integrate these skills in your life by  identifying opportunities for you to practice them in your day-to-day life.   BODY+ app is for individuals who: Are women aged 18 years and above Experience high concerns with shape and weight that causes high personal distress and interferes with work and social life Engage in problematic eating behaviors (e.g., extreme dieting, eating large amounts of food with an experience of loss of control, and purging). Can read and write English with ease Can use a smartphone device

Scope of Work

The BODY+ app involves completing electronic self-monitoring surveys every day in real-time. The surveys are designed to help you better understand your behaviors patterns that might be maintaining overconcern with body image. More importantly, each completed survey entry is analyzed by the BODY+ app to identify opportunities for you to practice skills learned on the BODY+ website to effectively cope with overconcern with body image and body dissatisfaction in real-time.


Our Solution

The sequence of modules is as follows:

1: What Keeps Body Image Concerns Going?

2: Body Checking

3: Body Avoidance

4: Body-Focused Attention

5: Feeling Fat

6: Overvaluing Shape and Weight

BODY+: a treatment approach that consists of both the BODY+ website and BODY+ smartphone application. 

Body dissatisfaction: a negative evaluation of one’s shape and weight. 

Modules: weekly trainings through the BODY+ website that focus on acquiring skills and establishing goals to improve body image.

Period: the time between one module and the next, during which user will practice the skills and strategies from the previous therapy session and work to accomplish the weekly goals.

Push notifications: smartphone notifications that will appear on user phone when the BODY+ app is not open. user will receive these notifications to record user eating behaviors and thoughts about user weight and shape five times a day throughout the course of treatment. 

Skills: necessary capabilities for user to acquire and utilize to minimize your body dissatisfaction. 

Goals: specific milestones (related to each of the key skills) that you will work on achieving each week. 

Journal: a function of the BODY+ app that allows user to create reminders to complete necessary tasks and activities.

Toolbox: a function of the BODY+ app that records the alternative activities you set forth during treatment modules

Just In Time Adaptive Intervention (JITAI): interventions that are individually tailored to correspond to your current state in a crucial time of need. 


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