The Zenic team wished to create a platform where all the schools under them would have a suitable interface to manage and promote their schools, teachers as well as students along with the respective courses. Login credential- Id: [email protected] Password: oodles123#  

Scope of Work

The client wanted to develop a platform that helps various educational institutions manage their schools in a systematic and structured approach. The platform should allow interfaces for the platform owner and schools (business owners) along with the teachers and students to manage their profile and learnings properly. The platform owner should be able to charge schools for using its services.

They should also be able to manage the billings and schools/business owners on the platform. The business owners or schools in this platform should be able to create classes and batches accordingly. This could include classes for Guitars, Pianos etc. The teachers and students will not have a web login but an app based one.

Our Solution

Our team developed a detailed interface allowing separate dashboards for the platform owner and the business owners. These dashboards were built in Angular. The Zenic App also allows the teachers to view their schedules, assign lesson notes, grades etc and keep a track of their students' performance. The students in turn could keep a track of their classes and work. This App also has a QR scanner that is used to scan for attendance in classes. Apart from the backend and the apps, we also built a website for branding purposes as well as providing the schools with the ability to register or enquire.

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