The Musical School Management Platform was developed to meet the requirements of the Zenic team, providing a comprehensive interface for their affiliated schools to effectively manage and promote their institutions, teachers, students, and courses. Our team built separate dashboards for the platform owner and business owners using Angular, enabling efficient operations. Additionally, we developed a website for branding and registration purposes, enhancing the schools' online presence.    

Scope of Work

Our goal was to develop a comprehensive platform that facilitates systematic and structured school management for various educational institutions. The platform will include interfaces for the platform owner, schools (business owners), teachers, and students, enabling them to effectively manage their profiles and learning activities. The teachers and students will access the platform through a dedicated mobile app-based login system, providing them with a seamless and user-friendly experience. The project aims to deliver a comprehensive and user-centric platform that meets the client's requirements.


Our Solution

Our solution provided a comprehensive platform with intuitive interfaces, empowering platform owners, business owners, teachers, and students to efficiently manage their profiles and enhance the learning experience.

  • Developed separate dashboards in Angular for the platform owner and business owners.
  • Built the Zenic App, allowing teachers to view schedules, assign lesson notes, and track students' performance.
  • Enabled students to monitor classes and assignments through the app.
  • Implemented a QR scanner in the app for convenient attendance tracking.
  • Created a website for branding and registration/inquiry purposes.
  • Utilized Angular for web dashboard development.
  • Leveraged Flutter for mobile app development.
  • Employed Java for backend development.

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