Built with Groovy & Grails on the backend, AngularJS on the front end, with MySQL as the underlying database, and deployment on OpenShift. AppiNow provides you quality games and apps for free and with an option to earn money by answering developers questions. App developers are always looking for advise on how to improve their app content and look. They seek honest opinion on how to get their app to stand out from the throng of apps on the app stores. You can help them and in that process earn good money. How the system works? Join Join AppiNow and start a new Survey. Pick an app or a game you like. Download the game and play it. When trying the app consider its intended audience. Answer Surveys Follow the survey questions and provide concise answers. Give you honest opinion, but take care to be courteous to the app developers. They have spent a lot of time and effort making these apps. Earn Money! Earn 1-6$ for every survey you complete. If its a paid app you also get your money back on top of the survey payout. Weekly payments to your Paypal account. About AppiNow: AppiNow was established to create an effective channel between mobile app developers and their users. Developers improve their apps and you earn money for providing your opinion. Oh, and you get to keep those great apps too.

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