Watching TV only in bedroom has become thing of past. Today's audiences have instant access of Live TV while on the move on their tablet, smartphones, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, etc. Mediacatapult is Media Content Management System which enbles this great flexibility. The platform offers Multi-Screen Delivery. So basically one file is uploded and it can smartly accessed on any Streaming enabled platform. The platform started as solution to the problem of Media Distribution. 10 years back, the Adam Grover (CEO, Mediacatapult) was into Content Creation business. But to distribute this content was a challenge. Mediacatapult solved the problem by offering single file upload and global access on all platforms. At Oodles, we designed, implemented, tested and released the project as Live Product. So, basically we began from scratch and took it to it's destiny. As a result, Mediacatapult is one of the longest running projects at Oodles. The client appreciates it's performance.

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