Appdator is a platform where users can build their own business app for their customers . It is available for iOS and Andriod and is built using Titanium Framework.

With Appdator you can create a mobile app that gets you loyal customers.

Punch cards, online appointment booking schedulers, push messages and your business location and contact information are exactly what they expect to see – and you deliver.

Reach Out to Your Customers, Starting Today Appdator allows you to build your own business app and stay in touch with your customers, offering them all types of perks and surprises. With Appdator you can send customers push notifications about promotions, deals and new arrivals; you can create a punch-card loyalty reward program; you can upload photos of your products, encouraging the customers to come and visit; and you can easily book meetings with them by allowing them to see your schedule.

So whether you have a retail store, a beauty salon, a restaurant, a bar, a café, bakery, fashion store, hair styling, cosmetics or even just selling jelly belly or any kind of SMB business – download now for free and share perks with your customers.

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