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(Bounty Blue Capital project) Topforce is a multi-currency cryptocurrency exchange platform. It efficiently facilitates the exchange of more than 50 types of cryptocoins, including Altcoins like BTC, ETH, LTC, as well as Tokens.  

Scope of Work

The client wanted a multi-currency trading platform which should be able to support multiple cryptocurrencies and also list numerous eRC20 tokens. Also, users should be able to get Bonus in terms of TopForce coins for referring it to their friends.


Our Solution

We developed the platform on ERC 20 token (standard based on Ethereum) which is based on the Ethereum column blockchain, as well as developed the TOPFORCE core so that other blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Litecoin can be easily introduced. Thus, making it possible to onboard new coins one after another. Another issue was that there were 1,064 combinations of coins that needed to be traded at 50 kinds. We developed TOPFORCE’s Expandable Board, an order book, to enable transactions of such a vast range of combinations. With the development of a highly expandable order book, we set up an ecosystem where unlimited transactions can be executed. We also developed a bonus system that incentivizes users with TopForce coins for referring it to their friends.


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