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Scope of Work

The scope of this project is to investigate and resolve issues related to playing videos on the Vimeo player. Our goal is to identify the root cause of the problem, reproduce it on different devices and platforms, troubleshoot the issue, implement a solution, and test it to ensure its effectiveness. Additionally, we aim to provide recommendations and best practices to users who encounter similar issues in the future. By analyzing video files, examining player behavior, and adjusting settings as needed, we will work towards improving the video playback experience on the Vimeo player and enhancing user satisfaction.


Our Solution

By providing these services and utilizing technologies such as APIs, Kotlin, and video integration, we successfully resolved the issue and improved the video playback experience in the app. Users can now enjoy playing videos from Vimeo without any limitations or restrictions. Our solution to the client's issue with playing videos associated with Vimeo involved the following services and technologies:

  • Implemented the new Vimeo Player response API to fix the issue and ensure compatibility with the latest changes.
  • Utilized the Kotlin programming language to develop the necessary code and integrate the updated Vimeo player API into the app.
  • Tested the app to ensure that all videos, including the ones associated with Vimeo, can be played seamlessly without any issues.

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