This application helps users to convert currencies that are needed within the wallet, thereby avoiding expensive currency conversion fees. With this app, the client wanted users to spend 14 currencies around the world with the added benefits of fast international remittance at very low fees.

Scope of Work


On the Backend side the team faced various challenges while working to secure user wallet money. In this Application we are using  Aws Amplify to authenticate users.


StyloPay application is available on two mobile platforms (Android and iOS) both these applications are identical in nature and created using their native technologies i.e. Android apps are created using Java and iOS apps are created using Swift.

The project goal is to develop a Mobile application that:

  •  Users can convert currency you need within the wallet.
  •  Users can enable various cards like physical , virtual cards.  
  •  Users can transfer currency from p2p.
  •  Users can generate pdf invoices of transactions.

Our Solution


We have successfully delivered applications to the client and currently it is available on the mobile platforms.

Our team of  developers met the client requirements. The team used swift, Xcode, Java and Android studio and some libraries to develop this application. Our Team added following functionality:

  • Created a smooth ui of the application.
  • Implemented Authentication security in the application
  • Implemented cards.
  •  Implemented PDF invoice to share transaction details.
  • Implemented face recognition.
  • Implemented logout functionality if there is inactivity till 15 minutes. 

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