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Webplorax is a customized project developed specifically for a recruiting company, tailored to their unique requirements. This advanced system enables the company to efficiently search and filter CVs based on keywords, optimizing their candidate selection process. With three distinct user roles, including the Administrator, Sales Manager BDM, and Recruiting Lead/Recruiter, Webplorax provides targeted functionalities and permissions to enhance productivity. Webplorax revolutionizes the recruiting process, making it more streamlined and effective.   

Scope of Work

Our goal is to provide a fully functional and user-friendly website that effectively meets the needs and objectives of Webplorax Company. Our team was responsible for designing, developing, and deploying the website, which serves as the company's primary digital presence. The website acts as a platform to showcase Webplorax's clients and resumes. Additionally, we developed marketing and purchase order functionalities within the system. The project deliverables include front-end and back-end development of the website, seamless integration with the resume management system, and rigorous testing of the website on the client's local server platform. 


Our Solution

By leveraging this technology stack, we successfully developed a powerful and user-friendly platform that met the specific requirements of Webplorax. Our solution not only meets their requirements but also enhances their overall recruitment process. The services we provided were:

  • Provided the functionality to upload resumes and extract their content, which was then stored in the database. 
  • Implemented a powerful resume filtering system based on the content. 
  • Developed a comprehensive client management system where clients could be managed and mapped to requested resumes. 
  • The robust reporting system that generated daily and monthly user reports. This provided valuable insights into user activities, helping the company track and analyze recruitment operations effectively.
  • Implemented login and logout reporting functionalities to monitor user access and activity. This feature ensured transparency and accountability within the system.

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