Cryptocurrency Trading Platform CCTP

The cryptocurrency trading platform uses Binance APIs to enable trading on the Binance platform. It contains 3 modes of trading i.e, Market, Limit, and Stop Loss Limit. CCTP uses SMA and sentiment analysis of the market using nltk library to facilitate the buying/selling of cryptocurrencies.

Scope of Work

Before we took over the project, it only offered Market order placing and was not in an appropriate, working state. A few of its APIs were not working, such as the Coinbase. So, we needed to address the following changes in the project:


  • Change Coinbase API to Binance API to fetch trading information which Coinbase has converted into a paid API service
  • Integrate Stop Loss Limit functionality into the project. It was the primary requirement of the client, however, we offered Limit Order functionality with it as well. 
  • Design new UIs to show tabs for making an order of the choice that is Market, Limit, or Stop Loss Limit
  • Show already placed orders on the screen of each order type according to the order type tab
  • Cancel order functionality for those orders which have been placed on Binance

Our Solution

As per the SoW (Statement of Work) with the client, we provided the following features 


  • Changed paid API to free Binance API 
  • Implemented Limit Order functionality as well as stop-loss limit order functionality using Binance APIs
  • Cancel order functionality provided for the orders placed with status NEW 
  • UI design for showing placed order list based on the order type tab selected

Keyword- Exchange, Fintech

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