Lyfeline is creating the future of parenting by combining data analytics with actionable insights. Our platform collects a 360 degree view of your child and delivers a personalized developmental improvement program based on your child’s needs to maximize their potential.ASSESS - GET TO KNOW YOUR CHILD It starts with a simple assessment of your child’s developmental progress. Trust is critical. Lyfeline has licensed an AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommended assessment to get an accurate picture of your 0 to 2 year old. The AAP is the gold standard for pediatric medicine. IMPROVE THEIR DEVELOPMENT Created by developmental specialists and validated by board certified pediatricians, Lyfeline has created a library of specialized activities and information to help your precious one excel. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS See your child progress as you complete activity challenges and learn more about their development! SHARE THEIR STORY Parenting is a group activity. Include your significant other, grandparents, and other caretakers in the experience!

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