PacificCX- Bitcoin ATM

Facing problem searching for useres to exchange you Bitcoin Crypto Currency into Cash or vice versa ? Here we have the solution. PacificCX Bitcoin ATM serves users for the exchange of Bitcoin Crypto Currency by letting them Buy / Sell Bitcoins directly from PacificCX ATM. The project build in Spring with its advance security features provides hazel free trading i.e your money is in safe hands. No need to find user and verify user with whom you are trading. Just visit the PacificCX ATM and get cash against your bitcoin just after the transaction confirmation on network. Or you may even enter cash to get bitcoin in your wallet. Don't have the bitcoin wallet..? No worries.. You can generate one in simple clicks. Further the project is coded in HTML and Angularjs as a front-end and Java Spring Boot as back-end using PSQL as the data source. Other technologies which are used in this project are C++ to handle Cash Recycler, node-addon to create node addon of Cash Recycler from C++, Visual Studio 2010 To Compile and Build Node Addon, Bitcoin, QZ print to print receipts using printer, Tomcat web container to deploy the backend, Nginx HTTP server to deploy the admin frontend and Node-Webkit for ATM application. There is no better way to transact your bitcoin coin crypto currency other than this.

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