MP4 parser on Android & iOS

MP4 parser is an open-source software tool. Developers make use of this tool for analyzing and parsing video files into MP4 format. Major portions of it have java used in it as it offers Java APIs for developing mobile applications. Developers can use an MP4 parser for writing complex data structures for MP4 video files.

ISO parser is one regular case of the MP4 parsers. It’s a media handling tool which allows you to parse and analyze recordings, videos, and tracks' file structures. Developers can likewise demonstrate two tracks for parsing them. However, both the tracks should be of same resolution and frame rate. Note that affixing the two tracks having distinctive resolutions and frames rates cannot be done.

MP4 parser is also used for muxing/demuxing various sound/video documents into a solitary MP4 record. Further, it can be used to attach recordings that utilize same encoder settings. It enables you to change/include metadata. Additionally, it gives support in making accounts shortening by utilizing frame omission.

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Oodles Technologies is one of top IT companies that develops high-quality MP4 parsers for Android and iOS mobile platforms. We create the media parsers that enable users to create, analyze and implement high-quality audio/video streams.

We also give excellent Live and On-Demand Streaming Services.The team of Video Streaming Experts are excellent and makes an effective use of MP4 parser for both Android and iOS platforms. Also, we make use of video libraries for parsing MP4 files over all kinds of mobile devices.

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