Red5 Live Streaming

Red 5 is one of most powerful frameworks written in Java. It is an open-source streaming server used for all types of live video streaming services. Due to Red5’s popularity, it is largely in demand nowadays. Thousands of companies including Amazon and Facebook are using Red5 Live Streaming Services. The media server has similar services as offered by Adobe Flash Media Server. Red5 makes use of RTMP protocol for capturing and distributing media. It has a simple plugin architecture that can customize virtually any VoD and live streaming scenario.

In 2005, Red5 was first created by a team of developers that reversed RTMP as a replacement for the Flash Communication Server. Now, Red5 provides live streaming services beyond Flash including WebSockets, RTSP, and HLS. Developers can use Red5 media server to create a truly open and extensible platform that can be used for Enterprise Application Software, Video Conferences, Multi-User Gaming. Red5 Pro, a paid version of Red5, is designed with SDKs for mobile (Android/iOS) and high scalability clustering. Red5 Pro is used for WebRTC, Server clustering, Cloud autoscaling.

Red5 is used in these applications
  • Video conferencing
  • Multi-User Gaming
  • Enterprise Application Software
  • Streams pre-recorded VoD to end users
  • Relaying stream from an IP camera to end users
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