• In this blog we see that how we can switch from one application to another application in Netgem. You can get the list of applications running in the STB using NGM.application.typeListGet().

     var list = NGM.application.typeListGet();  

    Use application type and open method.
    Second parameter is an object that defines options and may depend on type.
    For example, app.html template uses url in options to determine application source (here we start the application again !)

    if (type == "app.html") {  
        return, {'title': 'My application', "url": location.url});  
    if(type === "setup.standalone") {  
        //Random setting panel displayed for tutorial purpose  
        type += "?menu=setupSimpleFormatTV&nozap=1";  
    return, {'title': 'My application'});  

    For this example you can switch from one application to another by writing single one application.

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