• Some times we need to handle cookies for testing purpose while testing web services based application.

    Steps to create , update and delete cookies are as:


    Step 1:

    Import cookie class like as:


    import  org.openqa.selenium.Cookie;


    Step 2

    Retrieve all cookies like as:





    private  Set<Cookie> getAllCookies() 


        //-------Get all cookies using this line of code -------

           return driver.manage().getCookies();

         //-------Get name based cookie  -----------

        return driver.manage().getCookieNamed(name);

          //-------Get value based cookie  -----------

          return driver.manage().getCookieNamed(name).getValue();



    Step 3

    Create cookies like as :






    //-------Single cookie -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    private void addCookie(String name, String value, String domain, String path, Date expiry) {


            new Cookie(name, value, domain, path, expiry));



    //-----Multiple cookies creation-------------------------------------------------------

    private void AddingCookies(Set<Cookie>  allCookies, String domain) {

            for (Cookie c : allCookies) {

                if (c != null) {

                    if (c.getDomain().contains(domain)){


                        new Cookie(name, value, domain, path, expiry));







    Step 4

    Delete cookies like as :





    //This method deletes a specific cookie

    private void deleteCookieNamed(String name) {

           //Single cookies


           //All cookies





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