• As we know about the SOAP protocol how it will extend the HTTP for XML Messanging and use to exchange the data between two computers.

    Now today we will see how to download, install and configure the SOAPUI tool. There are some need of requirment of Hardaware and Software Requirment to download the SOAPUI tool. To make you more clear over this topic i will use the images.

    As i am working on Windows OS. So, i will tell you installation process according to the  Windows and to make you more clear i will use the Image

    First step is Downloading So for downloading you need to go to after click on this link it will show you downloader based on your system. After downloading the SOAP UI according to your OS, then the next step is Installation open the Administrator and click on Next button 

    And accept the Terms and codition according your OS.After completing this you nbeed to choose the component that you wish to install.

     If 'Hermes JMS' is selected then you have to click on the License and Agreement like below image 

    After that choose the folder you wish to install in your local drive and completeing this click on Finish button 

    In below image please find the meaning of these terms

    1. Menu Bar
    2. Quick access toolbar
    3. Project Navigation Area
    4. Workspace Properties
    5. Log area

     Now For configuration i am just showing you a workspace i.e. how this tool work 

    So, this blog is all about the basic Installation of SOAPUI tool.





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