• Create Facebook app


    If app is not registered with facebook and has App ID, You should create it


    Create New app


    And fill each section for app



    • Bundle ID - iOS bundle ID corresponds to app

    • iPhone App Store ID -  App Store ID

    • iPAD App Store ID - iPad App Store ID if app in app store


    After create app, Facebook App ID appears at top of dashboard page



    Next set bundle identifier and configure your facebook application to support login from an iOS application


    1. Select settings in Application dashboard.

    2. Click add platform and select iOS.

    3. Provide bundle identifier in the Bundle id field.

    4. Enable single sign on

    5. Click save changes.



    You can set bundle identifier in Xcode in Project tab.



    Configure an Xcode Project


    Add SDK for iOS to project and configure .plist file


    Add the SDK


    Facebook SDK for iOS is framework that add to Xcode project.


    1. Open /Documents/FacebookSDK

    2. Drag FBSDKCoreKit . framework to Frameworks in Project Navigator.

    3. Select create groups for any added folders

    4. Deselect copy items into destination group's folder.



    SDK automatically loads it framework and resource dependencies


    Now configure .plist for your project


    1. Create a key called FacebookApp id  with string value, and add app ID there

    2. Create key called FacebookdisplayName with string value and add display name configured in App dashboard

    3. Create array key called URL types with single array sub-item called URL schemes. Give this single item with App ID prefixed with fb


    It used to confirm application with receive callback URL of web-based OAuth flow


    Finished .plist look like this



    Note: For phonegap application you need to install the FB plugin using “cordova plugin add” the Xcode configuration and the FB SDK will automatically get configured.


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