• Setting Up A Lite Coin Server

    Posted by Ranjan Mondal | Last Updated: 29-Mar-18

    Following are steps for configuring litecoin server on your machine.

    Installing Litecoin on Notary Node


    Step 1: downloading link for litecoin 14 version.



    Step 2: to extract the tar file

    tar -zxvf litecoin-0.14.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz


    Step 3: to provide location

    sudo install -m 0755 -o root -g root -t /usr/local/bin ~/litecoin-0.14.2/bin/*


    Step 4: creating a directory of name .litecoin and adding conf file in it.

    mkdir .litecoin
    cd .litecoin
    vim litecoin.conf


    Step 5: Fill following contents here.

    blocknotify=/home/ranjan/.litecoin/ %s


    Note:: When the block gets processed, the gets executed and transaction hash is passed to particular API whether it is node or java.

    Note:: paytxfee ensures that max network fee is 0.005


    Step 6: create a file named and fill following contents here.

    curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" "$@"

    It will send block address to receiving API whether it is in node and java.


    NOTE : 

    for testnet set testnet=1
    or mainnet  set server=1


    Step 7: 

    To start Litecoin server:  sudo litecoind -daemon

    To stop :  litecoin-cli stop

    To see blocks downloaded: litecoin-cli getinfo


    Step 8:  Giving full permission to

    sudo chmod 777


    Step 8: Commands on litecoin console.

    # total accounts
    litecoin-cli listaccounts  


    # show balance of particular walletname
    litecoin-cli getbalance oodLite2


    # show wallet address of walletname
    litecoin-cli getaddressesbyaccount oodLite1


    # generate new address..

    litecoin-cli getnewaddress "abc"  

    Give new address ::: mykE6XtHAvcQGvMCXjEBXuVCpd27n7BAyt


    # send litecoin to from one address to another

    litecoin-cli sendfrom oodLite2 mykE6XtHAvcQGvMCXjEBXuVCpd27n7BAyt 0.10000000
    litecoin-cli sendfrom abc mzsrTo5AC9EYRQiMSfvywrzU4Fakx37V4n 0.10000000


    # generate new wallet address

    litecoin-cli getnewaddress "BelfricsLiteCoin1"

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