• Red5 Installation on MAC OS X

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      Red 5 is a software platform which provides free media streaming. Its server works on Java.


    Red 5 is a software platform which provides free media streaming. Its server works on Java. Red5 server gives you access for media streaming including audio/video, live recording and live media streaming. It’s services are similar to those of Adobe Flash Media Server and Wowza. Major uses of Red5 media server includes Streaming video and Audio files in different formats, recording client streams, live stream audio and video publishing etc. Supported Protocols are RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPS and RTMPE. The latest version (1.0.6) of Red5 Media Server released on September 8, 2015.


    Basically, it’s a kind of a one stop solution for all kinds of VOD(Video on Demand) services and live media streaming issues. Red5 team is nowadays busy in building support for WebRTC to make streaming in the browser without the use of a plugin possible. Red5 Pro, the paid version with SDKs for Android and iOS has also been launched with some unique features.


    Installation Process for MAC OS X


    Follow the steps listed below :

    • Firstly, make sure that you have Java 1.8.0 installed on your MAC device. You can check this by opening the terminal and then typing ‘java-version’ into the console. If you are seeing this - “java version 1.8.0_xx”, that means you are going right.

    • Red5 can be downloaded from here : Red5 1.0.5 .This version here in this link has an additional library used by the AVChat mobile client.

    • Now, Archive should be extracted in the directory. Extraction can be done on your desktop. Now, go back to the console, you need to go to this folder by using cd /path/to/the/folder.

    • You now need to go to the /webapps folder and now need to copy the avchat30 folder inside Files to upload to your media server (Red5 1.0.5+) directory. Now use chmod 777 avchat30 to set the permissions.

    • Proceed back to the main folder (cd ..) and now use ./ to start Red5 or nohup ./ & to initiate Red5 as a service.


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    Utilizing Red5 server can surely make your experience of live video recording and watching live video streams really enriching. People all over the world are addicted to Red5 video streaming services as it has attained excellence in live streaming, video-conferencing and multi-user-gaming space. With  Red5 Pro paid version been launched for users, the issues regarding interruptions while streaming content and latency had also been resolved to a large extent. Also, VOD updates and improvements in Red5 Live Streaming Services in the Pro version had been amazing and very much satisfactory in nature.


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