• Live Video Recording using WOWZA

    Wowza provide two methods for starting and stoping the live streaming process:-

    • to start recording "startRecording(streamName, recordOptions);"
    • to stop recording "stopRecording(streamName);"


    The recording in live streaming generally happens in two formats: FLV and MP4.Some of the other available setting by Wowza


    Install Application Module


    • append=> if a file already exist then appends the recording, by default it is false.
    • version/overwrite=> This creates different version of live stream if set to version or overrides if any file exists. Default is version
    • startonkeyframe=> This starts recording when a key frame occurs in live stream, by default it is false.
    • recorddata=> Cuepoints and metadata are included by this option, by default it is false.
    • output=> An absolute path along with stream name and extension is used to save the recording. This is empty by default. Application's content folder saves the recording with stream name, and using the extension like ".flv" or ".mp4"
      1. Add jar files wms-plugin-integrationrecord.jar and wms-plugin-livestreamrecord.jar to the lib folder where you have installed the Wowza media server.
      2. Edit Application.xml in the conf/[application] directory of the installation directory with the following code:
      3. Run using Flash client Double click client\livestreamrecord.html and change the Server and Stream fields to the RTMP URL and Stream name of your live stream and click the Play button. Once the live stream playing, click the Start Recording button to start recording the stream. Click Stop Recording when you want to stop recording the stream.

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