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    With Advanced monetization, personalization tools and social interaction, Kaltura OTT TV enables service providers and media companies to quickly launch a comprehensive OTT TV service. With Kaltura OTT TV you can enjoy cross-device experience for all content types like - live, VOD and catch-up. It offers opportunity to create personal and social pay TV experience across device.


    Kaltura OTT TV includes five core modules:


    Kaltura MediaPrep

    With the help of MediaPrep, content owners prepare and edit their video, as well as encrypt it with a multi-DRM solution. By using Kaltura Workflow Manager and Transcoding module, customers can easily prepare and edit their content . Also the encrypted video files ensures a seamless cross-device user experience with content security.



    Kaltura MediaHub

    MediaHub with the help of KMC (Kaltura Management Console) handles all the video management tools for packaging content, running campaigns, multi-tenants, multi-DRM and providing geo-restricted access. Also, the management layer provides subscribers and analytics.


    Kaltura MediaStore

    The cross-device experience is enhanced by the MediaStore. MediaStore also focuses to promote user engagement. It offers intuitive, user specific, content discovery, as well as social interaction along with personal notifications. By lowering the access barriers and utilizing up to date intelligence on each user's favorite content, viewing habits and payment preferences, Kaltura’s MediaStore effectively turns visitors into viewers and subscribers/content buyers. MediaStore enables Kaltura's customers to create an engaging, user oriented TV experience across internet connected devices.


    Kaltura MediaGo

    Market-leading set of end user applications for connected devices such as iOS, Android, web and TVs. In order to unlock Kaltura’s full offerings, the different device applications are designed. All is executed while offering customized experiences for different screens, capabilities and use-cases, and enabling a consistent cross-device experience.


    Kaltura MediaX

    Katura launched MediaX and its flexible cloud DVR solution. With the help of innovative monetization features, the cloud DVR solution helps customers increase business opportunities. It also includes upgrade from catch-up to cloud DVR, upsell to an increased cloud DVR quota and many more. Alsong with Clud DVR, MediaX enables wider set of content discovery tools. MediaX advanced content discovery tools enhances customers’ content consumption by giving them access to a wide variety of traditional and internet-based data sources. MediaX predictive analytics analyzes viewing usage patterns to anticipate user preferences and make content more discoverable.



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