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    Are you looking for a suitable HTML5 video player for serving your Media Content? Let’s have a look at Kaltura’s HTML5 video player. This HTML5 video player is flexible with easy customization and offer support for customized plug-ins. Kaltura video player offers seamless cross-platform media player with negligible loading speed.


    Kaltura is easy to use and embed as a flexible HTML5 media player provides relevant online media publishing solutions. The Kaltura HTML5 media players provide a lightweight and robust framework for creating rich media and video-centric unified web experiences.


    The Kaltura players:

    • Handle rich media content such as video, audio, and image files

    • Present and play playlists

    • Easily create customized cross browser/cross device

    • Enable annotations, subtitles, and accessibility features

    • Provide API and plugin layers for customizing and extending the media playback experience

    • Features including DRM and content protection, social sharing and interaction, advertising, commerce, and analytics. Also provides various streaming protocols

    • Enriched with closed captioning, advanced plugins, monetization, player customization feature, stand alone tools


    The capabilities of Kaltura player:


    API compatibility: Flexible Embedding, HTML5 Media Events and APIs

    Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android (1.x, 2.x), Blackberry

    Supported Embed Types: Flash Fallback, Kaltra Flash Fallback player, Flash Embed Rewriting, Reads HTML5 Media Tags, iFrame Embedding, iFrame API

    Player UI Features: Audio Player, Fullscreen, Subtitle Support, Touch Interface, Advertising and Analytics


    What Kaltura library says?


    HTML5 players have limited support. There is still a large percentage of web browsers which offer support to media content on Flash. In order to handle this situation, Kaltura's HTML5 Media Library offers seamless support to Kaltura's Flash Player and Java Cortado. So, if the client environment is not compatible with media served, Kaltura's HTML5 Media Library handles it. The library will choose right codec (depending on availability on server side) and player to serve the media content, thereby overcoming compatibility issues. Hence, Kaltura's HTML5 Media Library offers support to all major codecs. Besides that, the player maintains uniform look and feel on all browsers with all the formats.



    Why Oodles Technologies?

    Oodles Technologies has experience in Kaltura customization and building custom flash and HTML5 players. The teams at Oodles are built in such a way that a customized platform on Kaltura with custom flash player can be built within reasonable time and cost estimates. Oodles has long standing experience in providing such solutions and list of happy customers.


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