• In Ionic checkbox is same as the input checkbox in HTML. It's just different in style and look like radio buttons. To create a ion-checkbox, you need a ionic directive "ion-checkbox".  

    <ion-checkbox>Checkbox Label</ion-checkbox>

    More on ionic checkbox you can find in their official documentation or in the following links:

    In this Blog, I am going show how to use ion-checkbox which looks like radio buttons to actually work like them, i.e only one option selected at a time. Furthermore, I am going to use ion-checkbox with ng-repeat and one without ng-repeat and still make them work together i.e if you select the checkbox which is outside the ng-repeat, the selected checkbox inside the ng-repeat must get deselected and vice versa. 

    Sometimes there is a need that you can't use ng-repeat as there is some additional UI or any customizations with one of the checkboxes, so you take it outside the ng-repeat and customize it and others inside ng-repeat. The following images will help you to understant better:

    In first image the "other" option is out of  ng-repeat as the textarea will be shown when it is selected. and in the second image input fields are there in "custom" section so it is outside the ng-repeat.









    {{ item.title }}


     $scope.selectedTimeOption = {};
            $scope.selectedTimeOption.custom = false;
            $scope.items = [{
                title: "1 hour",
                checked: false
            }, {
                title: "15 min.",
                checked: false
            }, ];
            $scope.updateSelection = function(position, items, title) {
                if (position > -1) {
                    $scope.selectedTimeOption.custom = false;
                angular.forEach(items, function(subscription, index) {
                    if (position != index) {
                        subscription.checked = false;
                $scope.selected = title;


    The ng-repeat starts from index 0, so we pass a index of -1 in option that is outside the ng-repeat. So it doesn't matter how many items are there in ng-repeat but the index can never be less than 0. So if index is less than 0, custom option is selected and other options in ng-repeat deselected and vice versa. 


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