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    Script- Software as a Service Odoo helps in avoiding writing Credit Card Management code, Recurring Billing and Subscription Management code. It provides a site management system through PayPal payments. It offers a framework for developing membership-based applications like tiered pricing levels, signups/upgrades/downgrades, and multi-tenant data security in the available database.


    Oodles Technologies is the most preferred Saas Application Development Company in India, offering solutions in Odoo SaaS Tool Kit and server specifications. We help businesses get solutions in subscription management coding, credit card coding and more.


    Odoo SaaS Kit Features

    1. Works with Odoo (Community and Enterprise).

    2. Sub-domain support with individual customer obtaining their own sub-domains or domains.

    3. Sub-domains URLs with only one database listing, therefore, lacks inflexion users from seeing alternative databases.

    4. Removal of database creation URL in order that nobody will produce a brand new database.

    5. Supported gateways: PayPal

    6. Support for a Demo web site with an instantaneous lead creation in Odoo CRM.

    7. A separate URL is made available to the administrator for creating databases.

    8. Automated trial versions that expire in thirty days.

    9. The power for users to reset their own passwords (Forgot your password?)

    10. Support for SSL with a digital certificate

    11. Ability to watch the database's system wise

    12. Ability to extend and reduce the number of users for every information

    13. Ability to send automatic invoices each month

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    Odoo SaaS kit Key Notes


    1.SaaS Portal - Main information for management servers and purchasers, manage shopper templates and plans.

    2.SaaS Servers - Technical databases to regulate shopper databases. SaaS server produces, edit, delete databases. Every SaaS Server are often put in on a separate machine (e.g. VPS)

    3.SaaS Client - Client information to be utilized by customers. Every SaaS shopper is connected to a SaaS Server.

    4. SaaS Plan: It is created when we put together the required configurations as per the contract between client and vendor. That configuration is set in that Database Template and replica of that Database is provided to the client and that created plan we can map with the E-commerce products for the reusability of that plan


    Server Specification of the Odoo SaaS Tool kit:


    For a 5 user site = 2 CPU server and 2 GB Ram

    For 20 user site = 4 CPU server and 8 GB Ram

    For 100+ user site = recommend splitting app and database servers, 2 x 8 CPU servers with 32 GB Ram


    Minimum Server Specification:

       Processor = Intel (64 bit)

       Number of Processors = 1

       Processor Core available  = 6

       Memory = 8 Gigabyte

       OS = Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


    Recommended Server:

       Processor = Intel (64 bit)

       Number of Processors = 2

       Processor core available = 8

       Memory = 16 Gigabyte

       OS = Ubuntu 14.04

       HDD = Up to client


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