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    Serverless applications are common these days as they don't need provisioning EC2 instances and configure web servers to run continuously. AWS Lambda provides high scalability and high availability of the application code.  With AWS Lambda you only get charged for what you use. 


    The Problem

    1. If you configure your lambda under VPC - you are unable to access services outside your VPC.
    2. Third party applications provide access to whitelisted IPs only and unlike EC2 - a public IP is not assigned to AWS Lambda


    The Solution


    The solution is a workaround to this by creating and assigning a NAT Gateway (Network Address Translator) and routing all your API requests to the internet so that all outbound connections from our Lambda will exit through it. 
    An Elastic IP is then assigned to the NAT Gateway and that IP can be whitelisted by our third-party services.

    The steps involved are as follows:
    1. Create a new VPC (or use an existing VPC) from AWS VPC Dashboard
    2. Create a new Internet Gateway(IGW) to communicate with the Internet from inside your VPC
    3. Now, Create a Public Subnet under your VPC and add a new route to the route table which routes to your Internet Gateway from
    4. Create a new Elastic IP address(EIP).
    5. Create a new NAT Gateway and assign it to the Public Subnet and Elastic IP address created at step 3 and at step 4
    6. Create a Private Subnet and add a new route to the route table which routes to your NAT Gateway from

    A lambda function can then be created inside your VPC and a request can be made to the Internet to test results.


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