• How Load Testing is Useful

    Posted by Tanisha Sharma | Last Updated: 21-Aug-18

    Some most popular sites have to bear serious layoff when they obtain vast traffic volumes. E-commerce websites involve slowly in advertising agitate, but not in Load Testing to protect an optimal system staging, when that marketing takes in traffic.


    Consider the following examples

    Famous shoe store, could not able to hold the increased traffic produced by their advertising agitate resulting in loss of both marketing dollars, and potential toy sales.
    A beauty product website was not able to handle 500+ users during a festival offer.
    Encyclopedia Britannica revealed free access to their online database as a promotional offer. They were not expert to hold up with the onslaught of traffic for months. 
    There are so many sites which are suffering due to delayed load times when they experience heavy traffic.


    Few Facts -

    Most of the users closed after 8 seconds' delay in loading a page
    They are loosing annually due to bad performance.


    Why Load Testing?

    • It gives faith in the system & its responsible and performance.
    • It helps to identify the bottlenecks in the system under bulky user stress scenarios before they cause in a  live environment.
    • Load testing gives outstanding conservation against bad performance and serves harmonious strategies for performance management and observing of a production environment.  


    Goals of Load Testing

    • Loading testing recognizes the following issues before moving the application to market or Production:
    • Response time for each transaction
    • Performance of System components under various loads
    • Performance of Database components under different loads
    • Network delay between the client and the server
    • Software design issues
    • Server arrangement problems like a Web server, application server, database server etc.
    • Hardware restriction problems like CPU maximization, memory restrictions, network bottleneck, etc.
    • Load testing will regulate whether the system requirements to be fine-tuned or adjustment of hardware and software is required to enhance performance.

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