• CaptureSpace is one of the most recent additions to the Kaltura family and it has successfully carved its niche in the Video Streaming landscape. CaptureSpace is a Video Capture Solution offered by Kaltura that lets you record important lectures, meetings, conferences and presentations right from your laptop or PC. Kaltura CaptureSpace provides an easy way to turn live lectures and presentations into videos. It enables you to record videos from up to three cameras and you can sync those videos with your powerpoint presentations. It also lets you record voice lectures and with its screen recording feature, one can easily record all sorts of computer tutorials as well. Owing to all these features, CaptureSpace is being widely used in educational institutions for distance learning and online training.


    Through this blog post, we are going to teach you how to install and get started with Kaltura CaptureSpace. Plus, you’ll also get to know how to edit and upload videos to your website using Kaltura CaptureSpace. So sit tight and keep on reading!


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    Using CaptureSpace For The First Time

    If you are going to use Kaltura CaptureSpace for the first time, this short tutorial might help you with that. In fact, Kaltura CaptureSpace is very easy to use and anyone can get familiar with it in no time. Before getting started with your video projects, you need to download and install CaptureSpace on your desktop PC. Kaltura CaptureSpace is available on all three platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. You can purchase the perpetual version from Kaltura’s online portal. But if you are going to use it for the first time, it is better that you opt for the free trial first. The trial version gives you 10GB of hosting and streaming. Plus, it gives you full access to mediaspace which means you have your own video portal for watching, creating and sharing interactive videos.


    To claim your Free Trial, visit and signup for a CaptureSpace account. You can then download the CaptureSpace installer. Follow the simple instructions and install it in your respective OS. We consider Windows in this case. Once you have successfully installed CaptureSpace on your Windows, you can start recording videos. Launch CaptureSpace and click on Add New button at the top right corner of the homescreen and select Record a Presentation. You can also start screen recording, webcam recording or media sharing from the same Add New tab.


    Video Editing Features

    CaptureSpace also features several video editing options. After recording a video, you can also edit and customize it as per your needs before sharing it on the internet. Kaltura CaptureSpace lets you do all these video editing tasks.


    Video Trimming And Splitting: You can trim your video or split it into several parts. Go to the Video Library tab and start trimming your videos. You can also split or chop your videos from the same library tab.


    Adding Title And Credits To A Video: To add a desired title to your video, open the Library tab and click on the Preview Media icon. Then click on the Preview button given at the bottom. Click on Add Title at the left side of the screen and give it a desired title or name. You can add multiple titles to a single video. In the same way, you can also add credits to a video.


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