• Enable DIsable Development on Roku Box

    To uplaod and debug any roku application on roku box, its mandatory you must enable developemt mode on your roku box, to enable development mode your device has to be linked with your system and with your roku user account.


    Steps to link roku device with your roku device :

    1. Login to your roku account (if you don't have any account on roku, then create it), after loigin, go to My Account page and click the Link a device button.

    2. Connect your TV with your roku device and turn the Roku device on. The Roku will need to be connected to the internet, so kindly connect your roku device with internet (Wired / Wireless).

    3. After successfully establishing internet connection, it may ask you to update it. Go forward ,update your roku device and after updating reboot your roku device.

    4. After its reboot, it will give you a code on the TV screen.

    5. Enter this code either on the web page from Step 1 or you can enter the same on this link - " " and click the Submit button.

    6. Skip the payment option screen.

    7. Now you will need to select channels to add to your Roku. You must select at least 1 channel, you can select NetFlix (recommended) and uncheck rest of the auto selected channels to speed up the linking process.

    8. Congrats, Now you are done with linking your Roku device to your account.

    9. You can check whether the roku device linking process have been successfully completed or not -  Click the My Account link from the top and you will see your Roku's serial number as one of your devices under the My linked devices section.


    Enable Roku Developer Mode :

    1. Check whether the roku device remote is connected with your roku device or not, if not so connect it with your roku device,

    2. Press any roku device remote key, by doing this we can check weather the remote is connected or not with your roku device.

    3. Press home button from your roku device and remoting this will take you to the main screen, that's the screen from where you should begin enabling process.

    4.  Enter the follwing control sequence from your roku device remote : Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.

    5. After successfully entering  the control sequence keys, you will be taken to the the Developer Settings page, where you can enable developer mode on the box.

    6. Congratulation, now developemt mode has been enabled for you roku device, now you can upload, install and debug your roku applications.


    Disable Roku Developer Mode :

    1.If you would like to subsequently disable development mode on your box, simply enter the special remote code sequence again and select the "disable installer" option on screen.


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