• Concurrent testing with ngrok

    Posted by Manish Kumar | Last Updated: 19-Jun-17

    Introduction to Ngrok: 

    Ngrok is a reverse proxy & multiplatform tunnelling software establishes a link between the secure tunnel and a public endpoint or public URL that can be used for browsing your local site.

    It gives user a flexibility to configure it on any system

    Concurrent testing:

    It supports pair testing such as testing person find out the issues and at the same time developer can resolve issue and further it can be retested again and again

    How to get and use Ngrok:

    1. Download ngrok file

    2. Extract file 

    3. Place the extracted file in a folder

    4. Use command in terminal  ngrok HTTP -host-header =" localhost : [port]" [port]

    5.  Start using

    Advantages of using Ngrok:

    1. Simple and easy to use: Just download, install and start using

    2. It provides URL with both HTTP protocols Http and Https

    3. User can demo his work without deployment

    4. It makes easy to build webhook integrations

    5. User can run personal cloud service from own private network



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