• In this article , I'm explaining how to extend your ebs machine volume. Let the EBS  volume created is: /dev/sdf and you are creating one volume.

    Now take back up of   /opt

    	#mkdir /opt_backup
    	#cp /opt /opt_backup>
    • Login to your instance using your terminal.
    • type fdisk /dev/sdf
    • At "Command" type n
    • At "Primary or Extended" type p
    • At Number of volumes type 1
    • Press "Return" two times to accept the default cylinder values
    • Press "w" to write the partition table and exit
    • Type "mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdf" to format an ext3 file system
    • Type mount /dev/sdf /opt to mount the drive
    • edit /etc/fstab to add the drive mount to automount at boot.
    • vi /etc/fstab

      add this line:

      /dev/sdf /opt ext3 defaults 0 0
    • You have successfully attatched a new volume to your running instance.
    •     Type “df -h” in terminal to check it
    • copy back data from /opt_backup to /opt
    • #cp /opt_backup /opt

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