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    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is software which is used to help the organizations or Enterprises to do the Resource allocation Planning. Some of the most used ERP modules are material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance, product planning and HR

    ERP Applications are often used to configured and integrated for complex business processed. Each ERP application has there owned unique setting; so each system setting must be tested thoroughly before going live.

    The testing can include:

    • Testing the individual components (Unit Testing),

    • Testing the entire business features and flow from end to end, For successful functional testing, a precise description of test goals and objectives is important.

    • Integration Testing - As ERP is an integrated system, one important point to note for functional and end-to-end testing is that the sequences of tests cases should be planned since most process steps rely on data from the preceding steps.

    • Performance Testing - ERP system runs other integrated systems, it is important to test its performance with high data flow and demanding transactions.

    • User Acceptance Testing on behalf of the end user.

    ERP application Testing requires following type of test cases:

    Installation testing, configuration testing, implementation testing, adaptability testing, network testing, server testing, offline testing, remote testing, multi-currency testing, multi-language testing, device testing, intranet testing, real-time testing etc.,

    ERP testing needs believable sponsorship on time and budget from the management and the customers.

    ERP application testing required an expert testing team and should not be allocated to an inexperienced team for any reason.


    ERP continuing computing trends:

    Mobile ERP - Everyone wants to access the ERP Application on a mobile device

    Cloud ERP – Most of the application in today world deploying on the cloud, but many ERP users have been reluctant to place data cloud.

    Social ERP - Most of the organizations are integrating social media with ERP

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