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    It's always relaxing and fun to watch your favourite TV programme or a movie in your free time at the evening after you are done for the day at work. And airplay apps for fire tv immensely helps to make this quality time of yours more pleasant, engaging and entertaining. Besides, Fire TV stick is a much easier and most comfortable option for digital entertainment as you only need to plug in the firetv stick on your HDTV to quickly stream any kind of online content and live TV channels of your choice. Also, mirroring on a HDTV via an iPhone is another comfortable alternative to stream media content using the best and compatible online entertainment apps.

    Discussing the Relevance of Best Airplay Apps for Fire TV


    For streaming enthusiasts and cord cutters, Amazon Fire TV has undoubtedly been one of the best compact devices to run Kodi. Apart from a fewer issues that the Second generation Fire tv threw on us in 2015, which later got fixed helped FireTV maintain that unmatched standard which any other device has still not lived up to. Irrespective of you possesing a fireTV streaming box or a fireTV stick, below discussed 7 best fire tv apps are surely going to enhance your digital viewing experience.


    Listed Here are The Present Best Airplay Apps for Fire TV


    #1. Kodi




    We all know that Amazon Fire TV digital media player console ranks among one of the best sub-$100 android media player to run Kodi. For folks who don't know much about Kodi, let me briefly explain. It is an open source multi-platform media center that is capable of playing media through local devices, network storage or via internet. Kodi basically allows people to stream audio/video content using internet (online and fire tv apps) in high definition on their HD TVs. But, noteworthy is the point that it has to be sideloaded on firetv streaming box and doesn’t run by default on amazon fire TV. Besides, Airplay via kodi is of course the best media streaming option on an HDTV.


    #2. FireStarter




    Because Kodi homescreen shortcut doesn't work on the new Fire Tv 4K, it is strongly advisable to install Firestarter. Further, Firestarter makes the process of loading Kodi quite easier along with other sideloaded apps. I would rather say that it is definitely one of the best when it comes to comparing all the Amazon Fire TV apps available on the web at present. Moreover, Firestarter also can be used as an alternative launcher that presents an Android like fire TV app list. By the way, Firestarter also need to be sideloaded.

    #3. NetFlix




    NetFlix is among one of the best airplay app for fire tv stick and fire tv both. Undoubtedly, also one of the most popular as there are free streaming videos available via Amazon Prime. Besides, nobody can match its vast media library which possesses the most engaging and entertaining media content stocks. However, Netflix has rose its subscription fee recently but still is one of the major sources of web digital media streaming. For cord cutters, it comes among the best Amazon fire TV apps and could be easily installed on both the firetv and fire tv stick via Amazon App Store.

    #4. Plex

    Plex is still the second best after Kodi, when it comes to comparing the best AFTV apps in context of streaming local internet content. However, Emby is catching up very hard and is close but still is behind Plex at present. On Firetv stick which is a light hardware, Plex is comparatively less taxing and is also capable of streaming HD and Ultra HD 4K videos. In Fact, it can stream UHD videos better than Kodi. Besides, Plex channels also extend their functionality but comparatively not as good as Kodi. Plex too, is available on Amazon App Store.


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    #5. YouTube


    youtube app final.png

    Nobody had ever been able to match the standard of Youtube in terms of the original content and the free online videos it can offer to its users. Also, in future too, YouTube seems to be taking the lead when compared among the existing airplay apps. Besides, it comes among the best Kodi addons. It also enjoys the status of the best video streaming site in the world in context of the best seamless video streaming functionality. It can also be installed through the Amazon App Store.


    #6. AllCast




    However its integration and functionality cannot match up to the chromecast but still, it come among the best apps for Firetv stick and firetv in context of casting the content. Moreover, Allcast allows users to airplay media content from their phones. It also makes the process of streaming your phone videos, music and photos onto a Fire TV a cakewalk.


    Youmap has been considered a better option to bring chromecast’s functionality to Fire TV but been removed later on from the App Store. On the contrary, Allcast could still be easily found on the Amazon App Store.


    #7. FTP Server


    ftp final.png


    FTP server app helps you set up an FTP server on the Fire Tv that makes your storage space accessible through FTP. And this is an extremely powerful feature that you could ever find on any other airplay apps, especially in reference to the 1st generation Fire TVs. Besides, using FTP app, you can easily copy your Kodi settings, library and almost everything from one device to the other which makes it quite easier for people to run all the Kodi devices in the exact same way. It also demands for sideloading on a Fire TV. Also, point to be noted over here is that it is not available on the App Store.


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