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Video Streaming has turned out to be an effective medium for online marketing and is being used by a large number of companies and organizations for promotional purposes. In recent years, the demand of Online Video Streaming has shot up as more number of people are looking for lucrative means to promote their businesses. Live Video Streaming provides valuable means for the content owners and publishers to broadcast their content and reach target audiences in real time. It has turned out to be a sturdy medium for online advertisements and is being used by a large number of advertising agencies all over the world for the promotions, marketing and branding of different products and services.


Many mobile and web applications are supporting Live Streaming these days and many have recently added real-time streaming features to their mobile app. Few examples are Facebook Live and Live on Instagram. Recently Honda Malaysia and Amazon launched their products live via Facebook Live feature in order to increase their Brand Exposure and to grow their market share in their respective fields at the same time.


One of the most lucrative features of Live Video Streaming is that the video can’t be downloaded. It can only be viewed. So this renders some level of security to the content owner. For instance, the Live Videos on Facebook are automatically deleted after 24 hours. This also creates a suspense and curiosity among the viewers about the upcoming videos. Thus, people wait for that particular broadcast to happen. Apparently, many Live Video Streaming Service Providers have emerged in the recent past but to choose the best among them is a real big task.



What we offer at Oodles?

Oodles Technologies is an offshore video streaming company with vast experience in Online Video Content Management. We build high-octane network based mobile applications that run seamlessly over the internet without any lag or delay. We have a skilled team of Live Video Streaming Experts that is familiar with the latest and groundbreaking technologies in this field. We provide full-fledged Audio Video Streaming Services at the best market price.


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