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Video Streaming is largely in trends these days. With big companies investing in the video streaming industry, it’s turned out to be the most lucrative way of promoting business and reaching target audiences. The demand of Live Video Streaming and OTT streaming has shot up in the recent years as people have gone more internet friendly than ever before. This has paved new ways for the Cloud TV and OTT TV services. In many countries, these OTT (Over the top) streaming media players have completely replaced the traditional set-top-boxes. While the traditional set-top-boxes used dish antennas to receive signals, the state-of-the streaming media players and streaming boxes allow you to stream rich media content in real-time over the internet. Some examples of streaming media players are Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.  


It’s been many years since the emergence of these streaming boxes and there have been several generations of these high-end streaming devices. New features have been added to these devices, making them more powerful and way more advanced. You can now stream your favorite shows in 4K UHD resolution, that too with HDR imagery.

Many mobile and web applications are supporting Live Streaming these days and many have recently added real-time streaming features to their mobile app. Few examples are Facebook Live and Live on Instagram. Recently Honda Malaysia and Amazon launched their products live via Facebook Live feature in order to increase their Brand Exposure and to grow their market share in their respective fields at the same time.

What we offer at Oodles?

We, at Oodles Technologies provide best-in-class Live Video Streaming Services at the most competitive rates. We are pioneers in building out-of-the-box network based real-time video streaming applications that run seamlessly over the internet. We have vast experience in Online Video Content Management and we provide custom solutions for multimedia handling. Our Video Streaming Experts have high competency in implementing the multimedia development toolkits to build the avant-garde mobile and web applications. We also leverage the most advanced multimedia platforms like Kaltura, Wowza, WebRTC, FFmpeg and Adobe Flash Media Player to deliver the finest video streaming service to our clients.


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