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Live Video Streaming is defined as the continuous flow of media in real-time over the internet. Videos are supposed to be the most effective way to promote your business as they instantly grab the attention of the viewers. Live Video Streaming provides a steadfast platform for the content owners and publishers to broadcast their content over the internet. That way, it helps them reach the target audiences in a matter of seconds. Live Video Streaming also provides safety to the media content since a live video stream automatically ends after its broadcast and it can’t be downloaded.


The growing popularity of smartphones and streaming media players has led to an increased demand of Live and On demand video streaming these days. There are plenty of streaming media players available in the market including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast. Also, many new companies are taking keen interest in this transpiring domain. For instance, the famous smartphone vendor, Xiaomi has also launched its first streaming media player called Mi Box which is now available in the global market.



We at Oodles Technologies, specialize in Mobile Technology and we have been actively working on mobile app development for more than five years. Through Audio/Video Streaming Services, we have been developing mobile app for streaming live video. An app which lets you stream live audio/video content directly over the internet. Our high quality responsive videos and audios are well crafted with technical excellence and exceptional attention to the details.     



What we offer at Oodles?

  • Oodles Technologies specializes in Live Video Streaming with over seven years of experience in Online Video Content Management.

  • We offer full-fledged Audio Video Streaming Services at the best market price.

  • We have high competency in using Wowza, Kaltura and Red 5 media servers.

  • We also create video streaming apps for mobile and web platforms.

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