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SaaS Applications

We have been building robust Multi Tenant SaaS Applications using Groovy & Grails , jQuery , Node.js , Html5 , AngularJS and other related technologies.

We also have done extensive work in full text search using Solr and Lucene and we are among the best when it comes to web application performance analysis , scalability analysis and capacity planning of web applications on Cloud and Hosted environments.

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Online Video Content

Use our expertise in Video Streaming Services , Video Transcoding and Streaming platforms like FFmpeg , Kaltura , Red5 , Wowza 3.0 to build your Online Video Content Management applications.

Our team is also well versed with Set Top Box ( STB ) applications development using Roku and NetGem STB SDKs.

With our extensive experience in Video Transcoding , Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming , Kaltura Live Streaming , Video Content Delivery Networks we make sure that you are using video content in optimal way in your application.

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Mobile Applications

Our Mobile development team specialize in building Native , Cross Compiled and Hybrid Apps for iOS and Android using





We have expertise in specialty mobile platforms , we have been designing for the small screen , harnessing location and device-specific capabilities , and developing enterprise mobile apps that complement web applications.

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BigData & NoSQL

We offer excellent development services for

Big Data

Projects. Our Development services complement open-source Big Data platforms like

Apache Hadoop

, MongoDB ,


and Mahout. These include architectural , implementation help and technical support for BigData technologies in development or in production.

We provide comprehensive and flexible NoSQL and Big Data Services and empowers skillful procedures in

Mahout Development

and MongoDB Development.

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