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OpenCV (Open source Computer Vision)is a computer vision and machine learning software library for processing real-time image and video. Initially developed by Intel, but later it was supported by Willow Garage. Now it is maintained by Itseez. Under BSD license, it is free to use for educational and trading purposes. OpenCV supports C++, java and python and android SDK. It can run on the desktop operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD.


OpenCV is library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time image and data processing on computers. Presently, it has a number of hundreds of image processing and computer vision algorithms for developing advanced computer vision applications in an easy and efficient manner.


Its prime goal is to deal with the high-level understanding of computers in the context of comprehending and processing digital videos and images. Thus, it is justifying to say that open-source computer vision enables a computer to automate certain tasks by itself along with the support from Machine Learning Algorithms. These algorithms are installed automatically on them while an openCV app runs on a computer.


OpenCV can do these things :  

  • It reads and writes images.
  • Gesture recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Motion understanding and object identification
  • Shape detection in an image, such as circle, rectangle etc. E.g. coin detection in an image.
  • Recognition of texts in an image.
  • Modification of image quality and color.
  • Development of augmented reality apps.  


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