OpenCV Machine Learning

Mobile Applications

OpenCV Computer Vision Application Programming mainly refers to the real-time image and data processing on computers. It can be used for free under an open-source BSD license. Its prime objective is to deal with the high-level understanding of computers in the context of comprehending and processing digital videos and images. Thus, it is justifying to say that open-source computer vision enables a computer to automate certain tasks by itself along with the support from Machine Learning Algorithms. These algorithms are installed automatically on them while an openCV app runs on a computer.

Let’s see what OpenCV can do:


  • It reads and writes images.

  • Face detection and its related features.

  • Shape detection in an image, such as circle, rectangle etc. E.g. coin detection in an image.

  • Recognition of texts in an image.

  • Modification of image quality and color.

  • Development of augmented reality apps.  

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