OpenCV Machine Learning

Mobile Applications

OpenCV or Open Source Computer refers to a library of programming. It enhances the experience of real-time computer vision. It is basically a cross-platform library. It is available for free use as per the open-source BSD licence. The library of OpenCV library is written in C++ language along with its primary interface incorporated within it. Although, it retains some of the components of old C interface. Now, all new OpenCV’s  initiations and algorithms are advanced in the C++ interface.

The OpenCV application includes Motion Understanding, Facial Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Object Recognition, Augmented Reality, Segmentation Recognition, Egomotion Estimation, Mobile Robotics, 2D and 3D feature toolkits, etc.  



OpenCV can run on various platforms:



Desktop- Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD



Mobile- Android, Maemo, Blackberry 10, IOS



OpenCV comes with a statistical machine learning library that includes:



  • Boosting

  • Gradient boosting trees

  • Decision tree learning

  • Maximization Algorithm

  • K-nearest neighbour learning

  • Artificial neural networks

  • Super vector machine (SVM)

  • Forest machine

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