OpenCV Machine Learning

Mobile Applications

OpenCV or Open source Computer Vision is basically an open source computer vision and machine learning software library which allows for real-time computer vision. It was developed and built for the specific purpose of applying machine learning and predictive analysis in the commercial industry to foresee the future market trends and expectations.  The applications areas include Facial Recognition systems, Motion understanding, Gesture recognition, Augmented reality, Object identification, Segmentation and Recognition, Mobile Robotics and many others. It constitutes of C++, C , Python, Java and MATLAB interfaces and is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and MAC OS. It makes use of MMX and SSE instructions whenever available. Its natively written in C++ and sports a templated interface which works seamlessly with STL containers.


OpenCV is a comprehensive library for computer vision and comes with a machine learning library for:


  • Decision Trees

  • Boosting

  • Support Vector Machines

  • Expectation Maximization

  • Neural Networks


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