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OpenCV was launched in 1999 as an open-source free software platform for academic and professional use. Simply, we could say that OpenCV Image Recognition is a part of computer vision image processing software environment. Computer vision basically deals with the concept of making a computer understand the content of a digital image i.e. feature extraction such as shape, color or size of a picture. As we all know that computers understand the binary language which consists of digits and numbers and in order to make them understand the meaning or content of an image, an algorithm must be there in place so as to make them fast and effective. In another language, we could say that OpenCV Image recognition framework tries to automate the image processing tasks for a computer. Besides, the methods applied under digital image recognition includes acquiring, analyzing and processing the high-dimensional data in order to produce symbolic or numerical information which a computer understands. Apparently, OpenCV framework is seemingly expanding its horizon with every passing day in context of its use by firms worldwide.


OpenCV 3.2 update had been the latest that has come after one year of its previous 3.1 update with a lot many improvements and bug fixes. As a matter of fact, around 478 issues and 969 patches have been resolved and hence closed under this new update. Further, OpenCV android apps have become more popular than ever with its continuously expanding scope with the latest update release(OpenCV 3.2) in place.


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