OpenCV Image Recognition

Mobile Applications

In 1999, OpenCV (Computer Vision) as an open-source free software platform mainly used for professional and academic use. It’s basically a subset of the computer vision image processing software milieu whose main work is to manage the concept of making a computer to understand the digital image content i.e feature extraction like shape, size of a picture and color.  

As we all know that computers understand the binary language and this language comprises of numbers and images. In order to enable computers to read the meaning or content of an image, an algorithm is placed to make this process effective and fast. Additionally, OpenCV image recognition framework automates the image processing tasks for a computer. The meanings used in digital image processing to generate the numerical or symbolical information which a computer can understand include analyzing, acquiring and high-dimensional data processing. Significantly, OpenCV framework is expanding its array as it is being used extensively by various firms worldwide. Now OpenCV 3.2 has been launched, it has come after one year of its previous version. This update has come with a lot of improvement and bug fixes.


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