OpenCV Image Recognition

Mobile Applications

It's a computer vision library started by Intel in 1999. Real -time image processing is what it does and it is also capable to provide patent-free implementations of the most advanced computer vision algorithms. Opencv 2.3.1 is available with programming interface for C, C++, Python and Android. It got released under a BSD license and is therefore used in academic projects and commercial purposes for free.


The advanced OpenCV 2.4 came with face recognition technology which gave the access to start experimenting with face recognition. It told the world about the ways to use the face recognition with FaceRecognizer in openCV and also depicts the algorithm used for this purpose. We also are sufficiently able to apply OpenCv filters for Mobiles by developing android apps of such kind.


The currently available algorithms are:

  • Eigenfaces.

  • Fisherfaces.

  • Local Binary Patterns Histograms.


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